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    Q over Q

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    What exactly does "Q over Q" mean? Simple. Quality over Quantity. It starts with ordering fabric, to pattern cutting, to machine sewing, and finally finishing with a hand stitch. Handmade...


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    SRRA SWIM & 'ILI KOPE GIVEAWAY! SRRA SWIM has teamed up with ‘Ili Kope an Organic Skincare brand located in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. 'Ili Kope (ee lee...


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    Some FAQsHow long does it take to receive my order? This is the most important question everyone should have the answer to! I am asking 1-3 weeks due to volume...

    It's Only the Beginning!

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    Hi Everyone! I'm excited to start a blog because it will help me communicate with all of you my thoughts, opinions, styles, future goals, and FAQs.  Where to start? As...

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