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SRRA SWIM has teamed up with ‘Ili Kope an Organic Skincare brand located in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. 'Ili Kope (ee lee KO-pay) a Hawaiian phrase meaning Coffee Skin, offers various natural remedies to target all skin types. All products are locally made, and somehow incorporated with locally grown 100% Organic Kona Coffee and other natural ingredients of the highest quality. Worldwide known, Kona Coffee is rich in vitamins and nutrients provided by the volcanic soil in which the Hawaiian Islands are made of. Caffeine acts as an anti-inflammatory and firms/tightens skin surface through constriction, which can prevent premature skin aging.

‘Ili Kope Organic Skincare was founded by local born resident Natasha McGuckin in 2014. She created her first batch of Organic Kona Coffee Scrub in her kitchen, as a home remedy for her daughter’s mild skin condition. They became close scrub buddies, and with consistent use, her daughter saw an improvement in her eczema case. As for Natasha, her skin was healthier than ever! She shared her new found body scrub with close family and friends. She received nothing but positive feedback and was encouraged to share her gift with the world. She then decided to become an entrepreneur. Ironically, Natasha’s background stems from a long line of Coffee Farmers that date as far back as the early 1900’s. Rather than tradition Hawaii Coffee farming, she decided to conquer the health, beauty, and wellness industry.

‘Ili Kope offers facial and full body coffee scrubs that can treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis, dermatitis, cellulite, dry Skin +MORE. Also known to assist in fading scars and stretchmarks. They’re Kona coffee lip balm is AMAZING! It not only does it repair damaged lips, but also delivers hydration, nourishment, and natural SPF wherever applied. Aroma of these products are breathtaking, and really make for an affordable spa day! Check out for more info!

Collaboration Photoshoot

Thank you to my beautiful models Kerri, Chanler and Briana



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